Big Wheel Kit Installation FAQ Sheet


We get a lot of questions about the installation of the Big Wheel kits. Over the years, we have created many different Videos on installing the big wheel kits on different bikes.

We create videos instead of PDF instructions because we can get more detailed in explaining the specifics of the kit.  

A lot of the concepts for installation are the same for all big wheel kits, both front end and rear end, unless specifically noted for your bike.


Below are some video links for installing the following kits on the following bikes: Honda CRF450R, CR250R, CRF250R, CRF450RL, CRF450X/RX; Also, the KX450, KX250, YZ250 & YZ450 - There’s a lot of great information in this video on explaining some details of the parts.


Our YZ250 Big Wheel Build Process


CRF300L Big Wheel Kit Installation:


KTM Big Wheel Kit Installation:

**Keep in mind these videos are universal and will work with the KTM450 and KTM350 big wheel kits. You may receive different types of brackets with your kit depending on the model and year**

CRF110 Big Wheel Kit Installation:


CRF125 & CRF150R (Very Similar) - CRF150R Front End




Weight Comparison Video –


Seat Height & Ground Clearance Specifics:


The big wheel kit will generally lower the bike from stock height. However, every bike is different, some sit taller than others, so the seat height drop is an estimation and will vary depending on your make, model & year of bike.

Can you lower the bike even more after installing the big wheel kit? Yes! You can get an aftermarket lowering link for your specific year and model bike if it is offered and it will still work even with the install of our big wheel kit. This could help lower it down even more if needed.

If you want to lower the front down more, you can simply slide your fork tubes up into the triple clamps a little bit to get it lower in the front.  




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