CRF110 Big Wheel Kit

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Save $480.95

The CRF110 Big wheel kits are finally here!! 
(please allow 2-3 week lead time) 

This is literally a down sized version of our “big boy” big wheel kits… how ever alot of the same billet materials and parts have transfered over

What is included in the kit:

  1. 21” front tire (mounted) 
  2. 21” rear tire (mounted)
  3. 2 - Black 10” wheels (tig welded / machined made in house ) 
  4. BILLET triple clamps
  5. Big-bike Anti-vibe Bar mounts (they also raise bars) 
  6. Big bike - BILLET front hub assembly
  7. Hydraulic front brake kit w/caliper-line-master
  8. Brake disc  
  9. Front axle + spacers and hardware
  10. upgrades pivots- + needle bearing kit 
  11. Custom CNC tube cut + Tig welded Big wheel wide swingarm assembly 
  12. Swingarm pivot bolt + nut
  13. BILLET  rear hub  
  14. Sprocket adaptor
  15. Rear sprocket
  16. BILLET offset sprocket cover
  17. BILLET Front sprocket  + bearing support
  18. 520 chain upgrade
  19. chain block/guide 
  20. Rear Hydraulic brake caliper-master-line kit+ caliper stay
  21. Rear Brake disc 
  22. Hardware -nuts-bolts-bits N Bobs
  23.  BILLET Rear axle + nut
  24. big bike Billet axle blocks & chain Adjusters 
  25. Extended tig welded kick stand  (bike is now higher) 

YOU just need a CRF110 to bolt all of this onto!  Our sale price is for the first handful of orders .   

Wheel base is increased slightly. (Longer swingarm and offset Triple clamps, and seat height roughly 1.5” taller depending on shock and spring .    This is a great setup for adult fun bike - (((or for youth rider in soft terrain - sand - gravel etc where oem tires just dont cut it)))  it really makes this bike feel planted   The big tires aired down act like extra suspension. 

I Am probably forgetting some things.. i will update this more very soon!   

First Track Test Ride

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